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Spearheaded by music industry veteran manager, event producer and publicist Denise Gerardi, the 7 CROWN brand has been attached to some of the largest and most high profile venues across New York city. Selling out shows to capacity crowds on even the most rainy, coldest or even during summer's hottest weekends at venues like Irving Plaza and Highline Ballroom, the company & its leadership has proven time & again that if the music is HOT, the people will come out to ROCK!


 After working with thousands of artists of all levels & styles for more than 15 years in the industry, 7 Crown events have given those industry "Titans" a run for their money. 7 CROWN production M.E.A.N.Y. fest is one of the largest and best independent music festivals in NYC, showcasing bands for over a decade with over 225 artists appearing simultaneously in up to 15 venues over a two week span. Artists like Lana Del Rey and multi platinum recording artist Walk the Moon have appeared on Musicians & Emerging Artists New York events.  7 CROWN also produced the TV show "Rockin Clubs" for almost a decade which was filmed at the world famous CBGB and aired on Time Warner Cable, showcasing some of the best talent in NYC. GNYC Music company added producer to its resume with a compilation of local artists which Billboard officially gave accolades as a "laudable collection."  As as artist, both songwriter and performer herself in the musical project Dr.Mary, Denise has stepped into many roles on both sides of the industry and is ready to take the company to next level.


The buzz on the streets is true! The  7 CROWN name is growing once again, launching a new brand in a time where concert attendees, fans & listeners now connect beyond the doors and sidewalks of the greatest city on the planet and across the entire globe. The time is now for 7 CROWN to shine like the New Years Eve Ball!


In Summer 2016, 7 Crown Productions President & CEO Denise Gerardi will step into the role of Record Executive and launch the

7 Crown Records label. Backed by a powerful team of industry heavyweights, the label already has superstar caliber artists ready to sell out venues, deliver hit records to radio and introduce themselves to the world.  The question is: Are you a part of... #TheTakeover?


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7 Crown

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